A Total Management Company.


PABS MGMT. INC. is a total management company providing fully managed solutions to meet the needs of our clients.


We provide business and consulting solutions to partner with our customers in creating sustainable, innovative solutions to simplify management, decrease bottom line costs, and increase efficiency while maintaining successful, transparent partnerships incorporated with forward thinking.



Why Choose Us?


Our professionals are certified garbologists that are focused on delivering results for our clients. We are committed to understanding your business needs, maximizing the value of your recyclables and lowering the costs to your bottom line. We are also dedicated to doing all we can for the environment by helping others reduce their carbon footprint and implementing environmentally-friendly programs to ensure a truly sustainable business.


PABS provides services for all kinds of businesses and industries through true partnerships with an emphasis on sustainability. Whether it's savings to your bottom line expenditures, decreasing your carbon footprint, or structuring a more efficient program for your waste streams, we can help! With over 20 years of experience, PABS has ridden the crest of the recycling revolution to reduce our carbon footprint by innovatively implementing programs with forward thinking and understanding our customers' business for an extremely diverse group of industries including:


• Restaurants

• Retail Stores

• Multifamily Businesses

• Cities

• Health Care Facilities

• Telecom Companies

• Shipyards

• Manufacturing Plants

• Grocery Stores

• Trucking Companies

• Power/Utility Companies

• Transportation Providers

• Casinos

• Entertainment Providers

• Warehouses


It is our policy to support every partner who offers us opportunity without regard to their size, or the industry that they are involved in. This policy has allowed us unequaled range in flexibility in our particular industry, and has given us a more robust foundation for current and future fiscal stability. We'll be here for our customers today; and we'll be here for you tomorrow.



What Can We Manage for You?


PABS MGMT. INC. understands that the best way to save time and monies is to do it right the first time. In this intensely competitive marketplace, where quality, price, and delivery drive the success of our customers, we are committed to helping you manage the entire program in the most resourceful manner. PABS offers a broad range of services to support our customers from rate negotiation and increasing the monetary value of their commodities to bill pay and consolidation. We approach every step of the implementation process with unparalleled expertise.


Below is a listing of the services that PABS can help your business with.


• Grease Trap Maintenance

• Used Motor Oil Recycling

• Used Cooking Oil Recycling

• Used Filter Pickups

• Secure Document Destruction

• Medical/Hazardous Waste Removal

• Compactor Purchase/Rental

• Baler Rental/Purchase

• Single Stream Recycling

• Corrugated (OCC) Recycling

• Wood Recycling

• Baled Recyclable Products


Our goal is to serve as an extension of our customers and become the strongest link in their partner portfolio. We urge you to take advantage of our experience and allow us the opportunity to prove that the services we offer are genuinely authentic.



Consulting Service:


We have yet to find in 20 years a customer that we can't save money for.


We come and sit down with our customers and analyze their entire trash system and find out the goods that can be recycled. We also analyze the customer's current contracts with the waste management companies. We find out the customer's entire situation, then work from there to create a plan for them. Following that, we begin brokering out their recycled goods, managing the customer's bills and trash receptacles, and deal with the trash companies on their behalf.




Broker Service:


We take these products and broker them out to the mills and get them recycled. We save you money on your trash bills, and pay you based on the monetary value of the goods that we get recycled.


We don't charge location fees which most companies do. So if your company has many locations, we don't charge these extra fees.


PABS knows the markets for these recycled materials, we are a watch dog to make sure the rates are what the material is worth.




OBM yellow sheet - is the market we watch for the official board market for paper products. Watching this market gets us the accurate monetary value for these goods.


Jacobson's report - is the market for (UCO) or Used Cooking Oil (Many customers produce thousands of gallons and they don't even know what it is worth.) PABS references this index of what the customer's oil is worth so we can pay the customer based on the increased monetary value.



Management Service:


All trash bills come to us now and we monitor them.


The "trash" bills should go down from not picking up as much trash since the remainder of trash is now being recycled. Companies like waste management are the trash companies who's bills PABS now manages and scrubs to make sure they are not over charging the customer.


We are a watch dog to scrub the bills. We are paid off of the savings, so we scrub these to make sure we get it down. The more money PABS saves you from these bills, the more PABS gets paid a percentage of these savings.


We change out containers annually. Which prevents things like liability and leaking that cause time or fines from inspectors. You can call us 24/7 to change out waste containers and don't need to have the manager waste time on the phone with the trash companies.



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