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PABS ensures that grease traps are pumped and cleaned on a regular basis to avoid costly city fines


In addition, PABS participates in the recycling of grease trap liquids (brown grease), a new concept that is rapidly gaining popularity. Brown grease is collected in grease traps and interceptors and is generated from food service establishments that use cooking oil.


The potential energy value of brown grease is enormous. The refining process is known as Thermal Depolymerization Technology and entails separating the liquid or brown grease, into three reusable secondary products; nutrient-rich water, nutrient rich oil and solids that can be turned into fertilizer or animal feedstock.


The refined brown grease can be further converted into three usable grades of biodiesel including high-grade certified bio-diesel for vehicles, a lower-grade biofuel source used to power turbines and pumps at sewage treatment plants and energy for cogeneration (capturing methane gas at the sewage plant to convert into electricity).


• Clean on regular basis

• Avoids costly city fines

• Great savings

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