Our objective is to provide total account management through a transparent and true partnership to create long-term sustainable solutions for our clients.


As a consultant/management company, PABS works in the best interest of the customer with a focus on reducing future costs for a variety of services as well as increasing the value of recyclable commodities.

Forward Thinking – We meet and exceed our customer's business growth through a thorough understanding of their business and their goals. We will work with designated personnel to ensure that we implement programs to help their business grow and succeed in today's world.




Recycling – We identify materials in the waste stream that are recyclable to determine a monetary value amount and in turn work with various types of MRF's (material recovery facilities) to ensure that our clients are not only recycling as much as they can but are also receiving the maximum monetary amount for their contributions. In-house recycling programs are also structured to meet the needs of the customer without causing disruptions to their business.


Lowering your trash bill is an added benefit of recycling!




Transparency – We believe in full disclosure and that communication is a key to success. Our programs ensure that our clients understand every step and are kept in the loop on any service requests or program adjustments.




Cost Savings – We reduce bottom line costs through increased recycling/diversion, negotiation of lower service rates, audits and correction of any service provider invoice errors. We also ensure that our clients receive the maximum amount possible for their valuable recycled products and compare the amounts to national indexes to ensure the maximum in increased monetary value.




Tracking and Reporting – We track the volume and type of waste and recyclables generated, percentage diverted from landfill to MRF’s (material recovery facilities), and current cost versus future cost to determine our program's current progress and set future goals.




Customer Service – PABS offers a single point of contact that is available 24/7/365. Our knowledgeable individuals respond quickly to service requests and implement prompt, thorough resolutions to service issues with timely follow-up.




Bundling - PABS offers multiple areas of expertise to cover your service needs. Enjoy the added benefit of one company managing multiple services for your business. Free up your time and let us help you manage your business needs!


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